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life is better together

We all know what it means to feel alone... to be isolated and not sure where to turn. But we don't think this is how life is supposed to be lived. We've been created for so much more. And life is better when lived together.

Join us for online worship

There are no services on campus at RidgePoint Church on New Year's Eve. Please join us by watching this pre-recorded online worship service. And have a Happy New Year!

current series

We all long to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. We want to know we matter, we’ve made a difference, we’ll have an impact. At our core, our desire is to simply play a part in something that people will be talking about generations from now. We want to be a part of a movement. And all movements have to start somewhere. Join us at RidgePoint Church on Sundays in January at 9 or 10:45 AM as we pray a crazy prayer for God to work in us before He works through us.